Space Quarterly has launched. EVA Interviews Jeff Greason featured!

The new magazine Space Quarterly launched September 1st! The brainchild of SpaceRef publishers Marc Boucher and Keith Cowing, Space Quarterly is available in digital and print formats with a Canadian version and a U.S./International edition.

In addition to many fabulous articles, my interview with Jeff Greason of XCOR Aerospace can be found on page 47 of the Canadian issue and page 43 of the US/Int’l issue. Find the first issue of SQ free for download on the Spaceref blog.

Hope you enjoy this very enlightening discussion and the great new magazine! (Subscriptions are available! 😉 )


PTMSS 2011 Presentation

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EVA Interviews Michael Joyce of Team “Next Giant Leap”

The Google Lunar X Prize Team interviews have started! First to reply is Michael Joyce of Next Giant Leap. This is the third in a series of Lunar Editions of EVA Interviews: The Business of the New Space Age™. Starting with her interview with the Moon, EVA went to the source to discuss its expectations for future lunar commercial activities. Thinking about how this could become a reality, EVA then focused on the organization whose efforts are actively working towards this goal, by encouraging and financially facilitating competition, and interviewed Will Pomerantz about the Google Lunar X Prize.

Mike Joyce of Next Giant Leap talks to EVA about putting together his impressive team, some of the challenges they face, and their unique rover concept. He asks for feedback to ensure they (and the commercial space industry) fullly engage the public (and no doubt investors and customers) in their endeavor.

Stay tuned! An invitation has been issued to all the teams participating in this competition to discuss their teams, efforts and their progress. I’ll announce the new interviews as they occur! It is an exciting competition and may be the impetus necessary to take commercial activities beyond Earth orbit!

Wordle: EVA Interviews Team Next Giant Leap

EVA Interviews Will Pomerantz

The Lunar Editions of  EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™ continue with my next guest William Pomerantz Senior Director of Space Prizes for the X PRIZE Foundation. In the first of this series, EVA went directly to the source and interviewed the Moon about its expectations for future lunar commercial activities. Coming back down to Earth, this next interview focuses on the organization whose actions and incentives are helping to make business on the Moon a reality – the Google Lunar X PRIZE and the X PRIZE Foundation.

Will and I discuss the history, rationale and workings of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and how these prizes build collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas under the guise of competition. Please join us in reading this informative interview with Will Pomerantz as he shares his insights about the challenging environment and task ahead for the competing teams in the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Stay tuned for more Lunar Editions to follow!

Wordle: EVA Interviews Will Pomerantz about the Google Lunar X PRIZE

EVA Interviews The Moon

In the latest edition of  EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™, and in the first of a series of Lunar focused editions, I have a most unusual guest.

This conversation started in 2007. A friend of mine at NASA was pondering a matrix he was building which considered future commercial lunar opportunities. I gave some of my own feedback and then offered to ask The Moon himself for comments, since he was shining very brightly in my window on that cold, clear January evening.

When I created EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™, I thought it might be worth revisiting this conversation at some point, and included in the FAQs this disclaimer * While the main focus will be economic, we reserve the right to present the occasional fictitious, frivolous or marginally related interview.

With the idea of expanding on, and sharing that initial, very informative discussion, and to set the stage for an upcoming series of interviews, I recently went back (on a much warmer night) to gaze at the Moon and finish up the interview.

I hope you will enjoy this visionary discussion of our future entrepreneurial endeavors on and with our Moon.

Wordle: EVA Interviews The Moon