EVA Interviews Hoyt Davidson, Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC

Leaving the Lunar Editions behind, we return to focus on near Earth orbit at EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™. My next guest is Hoyt Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC. This niche inestment bank specializes in the important area of providing investment banking and advisory services to the commercial Space, satellite, telecom and aerospace industries.

Hoyt talks to us about the evolution of his interest in Space and the creation of the first investment bank with a Space focus Near Earth LLC . We discuss the dichotomies within the satellite space industry and how it is often perceived not as a Space industry but as a media, telecom or geospatial industry. The impact of the recent NASA refocus and budget announcements, his experiences with the entrepreneurial space sector and the exciting new era before us are all part of this stimulating in-depth interview. Hoyt Davidson’s perceptions of investor interest in the entrepreneurial Space sector and attractive public/private partnership models are also covered.

Please join us to read the full version of this very infomative interview!
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EVA Reviews Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare”

At EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™, I am always very interested in people, stories, events and/or books focusing on Space, business, innovation and entrepreneurship. I’m thrilled when I find all four combined!

I recently bought Richard Branson’s Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur to bring with me on vacation: knowing he would talk about his (and Virgin’s) experiences in business and entrepreneurship; hoping there would be at least some discussion of his Space business Virgin Galactic; and not expecting to read anything regarding innovation. Richard was almost as fun to have along in book form as I imagine he would have been in person. Well, maybe not quite as much fun. Sand-filled, sunscreen-stained and dog-eared, my copy has so many turned down pages that I returned home with the compulsion to write my first book review since high school! (Yes, I’m one of those people; there is no resale value on books which I enjoy!)

While not quite an interview, I talk about books in general, why I ask about them and then I delve into this one specifically. Richard Branson, with it, answers some of my (unasked) questions and leaves me wanting to ask more. EVA Reviews Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare” gives you an overview of the book with highlights on points that particularly caught my attention and might catch yours, quotes worth considering, and some of my thoughts on specific passages including the excellent chapter on innovation and Space.

Please check out my review; let me know what you think and if it gives you any ideas. Then find the book with its fascinating stories and practical advice at Amazon:

Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur

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EVA Interviews Guillermo Söhnlein

EVA’s guest is Guillermo Söhnlein, founder of both the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs and Space Angels Network. One of the major challenges facing Space entrepreneurs and startups is finding adequate investment seed capital, the early-stage funds needed to start and grow their businesses. Angels and sometimes VCs (Venture Capital firms) are the usual investors if you can’t self-fund, but they have rarely focused on the new Space industry. Guillermo is actively involved in bringing investors’ attention, funds and expertise to often ignored Space startups. With IASE, he encourages and provides an environment to build entrepreneurship in the new Space industry.

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