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Why are you calling them this?

These interviews will be conducted by Eva-Jane Lark who, for as long as she can remember, has signed her name EVA, except on legal documents or when writing to her mother. EVA is also an acronym for the financial term Economic Value Added and we aim to add value by discussing the economic, business, investment, entrepreneurial and legal aspects of our exodus Out of the Cradle, with interesting and knowledgeable people* who are active in these areas. In the space industry EVA usually stands for Extra Vehicular Activity and we like to think of these conversations as ones we might have floating in Space after we have said “WOW!!!!” and “How cool is this!!” several hundred times.

Why are you conducting these interviews?

In early December 2008, Eva-Jane Lark was the guest host, on The Space Show interviewing the Space Show’s own David Livingston. Ken Murphy, of Out of the Cradle, heard the interview and invited EVA to create and conduct in-depth interviews, with an emphasis and focus on discussing the Business of the new Space Age, here on http://www.outofthecradle.net. With her strong interest in and knowledge about these areas, and her habit of walking through opening doors, EVA accepted (after asking Ken so many questions he felt he was the first interviewee)! Both of us look forward to these conversations!

Who will you be interviewing?

We will primarily be interviewing* people involved with the various business aspects of Space. This will include entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, financiers (at all levels of the financing pyramid), insurers and others working on enabling and building up the successful and growing commercial Space industry in its many facets. Some will be famous. Most may not be known to you, yet. All are working hard, taking actions to create, directly or indirectly, a permanently Spacefaring humanity.

Can I suggest someone for you to interview?

Of course! We welcome suggestions! We’re very interested in who you would like our guests to be. Our own list is long but is far from complete.

Please email EVA at evainterviews (at) gmail (dot) com. Also if you have a suggestion, please let us know if you can provide an introduction if needed. Thanks!

What’s with all the jargon?

Just as the Space industry uses acronyms and jargon with high frequency, so does the financial sector. To bridge this language gap, as EVA or her guests introduce terms in the interviews that readers might be unfamiliar with (and even some most ARE familiar with), we will add these terms to the JAT&D (Jargon, Acronyms, Terms and their Definitions) page or provide a direct link to the definition. We hope this will help clarify financial acronyms for Space people and Space jargon for financial types. Please let us know if we miss something and there is a term you would like explained!

What are the links in the interviews for?

When there is additional information that we believe you might find interesting or useful, we will provide an appropriate link. Visit it if you are curious, ignore them otherwise.

We understand there is some controversy about how links should open – redirect from the current page or open a new browser window. We prefer to have a new browser window opened when we click on a link. That is what we will try to offer – but EVA is new at writing code so you may be redirected until she figures it all out.

All jargon, acronyms, terms and their definitions will not be linked to in the interviews but will be defined, sometimes using links, on the special JAT&D page.

(Some links may take you to Amazon or other sites which have products for sale. In the vein of full disclosure, some of these may pay us a very small commission or fee should you choose to buy something while you are there.)

What about the format? Why do you ask some of the same questions each time?

In all cases, we are very interested in the answers and opinions that our guest provides and hope you, the reader, are too. In the future, we plan to examine some of these regularly asked questions and discuss the answers – the commonalities, the differences and especially the implications. These interviews are in-depth. They are not the usual short blog post. Some answers are entertaining and/or enlightening and all are informative. We provide a PDF version of each interview at its end, in case you’d prefer to print it and read it offline.

Why are you asking about books in these interviews, EVA?

There are many reasons  but primarily it is because of the insights, information and ideas that books and their authors give us. We connect to their stories; share in their experiences and often in their emotions. They can prompt us to take action and give us ideas as to which actions may be most effective, and which to avoid. They entertain as well as inform us. They help us to understand events and the people involved in those events. We can become intimately involved with the thoughts, feelings and motivations of people we will likely never have the opportunity to meet. I’m always curious as to which books have stimulated people, inspired them and helped with their success. Asking my guests about influential books focuses and narrows down the many excellent choices available. I hope you find their answers to be of interest.

How can I keep track of new interviews?

You can subscribe to our RSS feed; email EVA  or follow EVA Interviews’ Twitter page, your choice!


Thanks for reading!!!

* While the main focus will be economic, we reserve the right to present the occasional fictitious, frivolous or marginally related interview.

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