EVA’s Conference Papers and Presentations


For ISDC2006, Eva-Jane Lark wrote Investment Financing of Exploration to New Worlds and presented at the conference in Los Angeles.

In 2007, EVA wrote Appendix C (Business Case Analysis) of the National Space Security Office Interim Assessment “Space-Based Solar Power As An Opportunity for Strategic Security” NSSO SBSP Interim Assessment 0.1 October2007 and was a contributor to the rest of the report.

For the 2009 SPACE Canada and International Academy of Astronautics’ International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space, Eva-Jane Lark was invited to write a paper entitled:  Policy and Financial Considerations and Prospects for Space Solar Power. She presented this at the event September 2009 in Toronto.

May 2010, an updated version – ISDC 2010 Paper – Policy and Financial Considerations and Prospects for Space Solar Power – was prepared for and presented at ISDC2010 in Chicago.

Late 2010, the paper Exploring the use of Economic Incentives and Tax Credits for Space Development was prepared for the Space Studies Institute‘s Space Manufacturing 14 conference.

For the May 2012 Global Exploration Conference, co-written with Dale Boucher of NORCAT, Space Mining – ISRU as a Driver for a New Economic Space Exploration Model was submitted and presented by Eva-Jane Lark.


At the 2nd Space Exploration Conference – Commercial Opportunities Panel, EVA presented on Private Investment and Space Commerce.

“Preparing for the Money Conversation” at the March 2010 Canadian Space Commerce Association AGM.

At the SSI Space Manufacturing 14, EVA presented  Economic Incentives and Tax Credits for Space Resource Development – Presentation.

At the Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium in June 2011, Space Mining – Economic Incentive and Tax Credits, Ideas and Analogues was the focus of her presentation.

Copyright belongs to Eva-Jane Lark, please email her at evainterviews (at) gmail (dot) com for permission to use these papers or presentations.


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