EVA Interviews Hoyt Davidson, Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC

Leaving the Lunar Editions behind, we return to focus on near Earth orbit at EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age™. My next guest is Hoyt Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC. This niche inestment bank specializes in the important area of providing investment banking and advisory services to the commercial Space, satellite, telecom and aerospace industries.

Hoyt talks to us about the evolution of his interest in Space and the creation of the first investment bank with a Space focus Near Earth LLC . We discuss the dichotomies within the satellite space industry and how it is often perceived not as a Space industry but as a media, telecom or geospatial industry. The impact of the recent NASA refocus and budget announcements, his experiences with the entrepreneurial space sector and the exciting new era before us are all part of this stimulating in-depth interview. Hoyt Davidson’s perceptions of investor interest in the entrepreneurial Space sector and attractive public/private partnership models are also covered.

Please join us to read the full version of this very infomative interview!
Wordle: EVA Interview Hoyt Davidson of Near Earth LLC