EVA Interviews Team “Selenokhod” in the Google Lunar X Prize Competition

The next Google Lunar X Prize team to participate in the Lunar Editions of EVA Interviews: The Business of the New Space Age™ is Selenokhod is one of the newest entrants in the competition and the only team from Russia.

While the team is still in its infancy, Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy CEO of Selenokhod talks about some of his challenges and their role as one of the few private Russian space enterprises.


Please stay tuned for more GLXP Team interviews! And check out the earlier editions if you haven’t yet read them! To start this series, EVA went directly to the source and interviewed the Moon about its expectations for future lunar commercial activities. Coming back down to Earth, the second interview focused on the organization whose actions and incentives are most helping to make business on the Moon a reality and talked to William Pomerantz Senior Director of Space Prizes for the X PRIZE Foundation about the exciting Google Lunar X Prize competition. Next was the first of the team interviews with Michael Joyce of Next Giant Leap.

Wordle: EVA Interviews Team Selenokhod