EVA Interviews Michael Joyce of Team “Next Giant Leap”

The Google Lunar X Prize Team interviews have started! First to reply is Michael Joyce of Next Giant Leap. This is the third in a series of Lunar Editions of EVA Interviews: The Business of the New Space Age™. Starting with her interview with the Moon, EVA went to the source to discuss its expectations for future lunar commercial activities. Thinking about how this could become a reality, EVA then focused on the organization whose efforts are actively working towards this goal, by encouraging and financially facilitating competition, and interviewed Will Pomerantz about the Google Lunar X Prize.

Mike Joyce of Next Giant Leap talks to EVA about putting together his impressive team, some of the challenges they face, and their unique rover concept. He asks for feedback to ensure they (and the commercial space industry) fullly engage the public (and no doubt investors and customers) in their endeavor.

Stay tuned! An invitation has been issued to all the teams participating in this competition to discuss their teams, efforts and their progress. I’ll announce the new interviews as they occur! It is an exciting competition and may be the impetus necessary to take commercial activities beyond Earth orbit!

Wordle: EVA Interviews Team Next Giant Leap


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